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How to build your own Tesla Generator and save money !


Tesla energy is one of the best-kept secrets of FREE energy today.

With the rising cost of energy these days, most people are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. The  Magnetic Motor concept  is one of the ways that are available to the general public, whereby they can take a bit more control from out of the hands of the Power companies, and in turn save $$$$ on their electricity costs with a home built  generator.

The Magnetic Generator concept has been around for some time, but it was not until now that it has really “came to age” so to speak and allowed anyone with just a few dollars and some general handyman skills to build their own motor and start taking control of their power bills.

It is generally thought that to build your own power generator is a huge undertaking, and that it has to be left in the hands of the professionals – this is far from the truth, And is exactly what the big power barons would have us think; after all they have the most to lose don’t you think ?

To build a Magnet Motor:

Is not as difficult as you may think, and probably a lot cheaper also. Most of the materials can be bought from your local DIY store (depending of course on the local suppliers), and are easily assembled with basic tools. In fact they say that even someone with the very basic of DIY skills can build and operate this  generator device.

Most importantly, if you are to be successful in building your own magnet-generator then it is essential that you follow good  home build plans. Electricity after all is not to be messed about with, and you certainly cannot afford to throw away money that you are trying to save, by buying dodgy plans!

The plans that come with the Tesla Motor for instance are easy to  follow and are also guaranteed to bring results – in fact since it is bought through one of the biggest suppliers of ebooks – Clickbank – it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! Doesn’t get much better than that surely.

Nikola Tesla, the inventer of this fantastic piece of equipment, was a man away ahead of his time, and indeed much about him is unknown – except for the fact that he was a genius in the same league as Thomas Edison. Here below is a short video explaing a little about this incredible electrical engineer, and the inventor of the Tesla Motor.

What are the benefits of your own Magnet Generator ?

Well quite apart from the cheaper electricity that it will produce, there is the low carbon footprint to consider. This is a ‘green’ product  in todays parlance, which means that it will not harm the environment with bad pollutants. It is a clean renewable energy source that is not reliant on chemicals or even weather conditions, to produce clean renewable energy at a very reasonable (even free) cost, both to your pocket and to the environment. The Carbon Footprint of such an energy source is negligable in that once it is made then it introduces no pollutants at all to the environment.

To summarise: The Magnetic-power plans that come with this resource , allow you to assemble a working  generator that will produce enough power to either reduce your bills substantially or even remove your reliance completely from outside power suppliers-it really is up to yourself, and your own commitment to producing your own renewable energy via this  magnetic home generator invention.

 Click Here For More Details From The Original Tesla Magnetic Generator Website

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